Our focus spans the full continuum of sales and marketing...

  • Strategy

    A good sales and marketing program begins with a good strategy. We can help with that. Whether it's a new company or product strategy, we'll help you formulate a practical approach, and then quantify the ROI.
  • Marketing

    Marketing encompasses many functions-- branding, PR, web sites, product marketing, product management, digital marketing, social marketing, and sometimes business development. Yup, we've been there.
  • Sales

    The key to sales is to maximize scarce trained resources to work qualified leads, increase deal size, and improve chances of closing. This takes a good process, tools, and a highly motivated team. We can help you build that.

Projects and results

Implemented successfully to increase lead generation five-fold
In one project for a UK-based enterprise software company, a completely new sales, business development, and marketing process was implemented with SFDC being the system of record. The result was a measurable "closed loop" process of continuous improvement that increased leads from 130 per month to over 700 and helped to generate a predictable $25M sales pipeline.
Re-launched company strategy culminating in a $90M IPO
For a Canadian telecom software company, a new strategy, brand, and aggressive marketing and lead generation programs helped the company re-launch and become an industry leader, culminating in a $90M IPO.
New social marketing process contributed 5% increase in sales
For a logistics software vendor, a completely new social media strategy fully engaged the sales, marketing, and product management teams, substantially increasing brand visibility, thought leadership, lead generation, and, most importantly, adding more than 5% to the top line.
New strategy and business development program enabled $750M acquisition
For a networking equipment vendor, a new unifying company strategy, partner ecosystem, and go-to-market approach won new marquee customers and attracted a substantial acquisition offer.
Re-designed web site won Webby award honors
A sleek new web site won a "Webby Honoree" award for being among the top 10% of B2B web designs, and also received Summit Award kudos. It also earned the gratitude of a sales team proud to project the brand into their accounts.
New dashboards and metrics fostered continuous improvement
Using SFDC to automate a new process, a system of daily and weekly metrics were implemented that unified the sales and marketing teams. Sales benefited from better lead scoring and qualification, improving their efficiency. The project also revealed the proper mix of sales prospecting vs. marketing nurturing throughout the sales cycle. Metrics dashboards accurately measured calls and leads per day, new qualified opportunities, and for the first time, a sales pipeline predictable to within 5%. This new visibility allowed the company to reward and promote top performers, and properly train those that lagged behind.
New value-based selling process increased average deal size by 75%
A new sales process that focused on customer ROI and relationship management helped to increase average deal size from around $40K to $70K, in just one year. The process was automated by and measured through new dashboards.
Designed and implemented a sales training process-- that worked
Sales training is a process that is fraught with error and resistance by sales reps who feel they are forced to go through the motions. For several different clients in the enterprise software, telecom/wireless, content marketing, and consumer electronics industries, we have designed sales training processes that received high marks by both management and participants. In one such project, we created a new "ABC University" that combined product training, sales skills training, value-based selling, competitive intelligence, and SFDC tool training into an integrated program that met the needs of the entire sales team.
Innovative consumer electronics company launched in only six months
In order to meet an investor deadline, a complete company launch was accomplished in less than six months. This included naming/branding the company, creating a new web site, guiding product industrial design, drafting the marketing and sales toolkit, and signing distribution deals with top retailers and e-tailers such as

Our key skills

Based on our experience, we rate our strongest areas of expertise (out of 100).

  • Marketing and sales strategy100%
  • Sales and marketing best practices and training95%
  • implementation100%
  • PR, branding, and positioning100%
  • Sales compensation and incentives90%
  • Marketing metrics and dashboards95%
  • Social sales and marketing100%
  • Digital marketing95%
  • Company and product launches95%
  • Value-based selling100%